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Tram 49 is an unusual way of looking at life!  Sometimes serious, and sometimes in a light-hearted way. Thank you for clicking our way. Tram 49 is written, read, and produced by Nigel A. JAMES.

Regular Feature - Legin V. SEMAJ - a caller from space with his reports about intelligent life down here on earth.

New Feature - Listen and read - selected posts only

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Lexmatica - English texts -  Easy - Great for beginners 
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Diarikom - Easy and regular English texts - Great for info, practice, and learning
                   Something for everyone.

Lexispots - Very simple texts for beginners!

Forest Fly - Our PODCAST with stories that flow and very much more.

Diarieye - Photos by Nigel A JAMES

Nigel A. JAMES - A short introduction and contact details

Radio -   Tram49 - Radio Orange  - Vienna  - 94.0- Every 2nd and 4th (and 5th) Friday each month.  08.00 until 09.00. Short stories, interviews, music, etc.

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Maxi Lowe's Book Blog -  A great look at literature!

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