Sunday, 22 March 2020

Legin V. SEMAJ - Report 27

History on earth is not an easy thing at all. Especially for Martians! 

Saturday, 25 January 2020

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A caller from space with a mission.
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 Articles, Stories, and Essays  

True Story from Life - DOORS - Janu and MarikaWhen one door closes, two or three open. 

True Story  - The Power of Tuna Fish Salad - 
A very smelly disaster  CLICK HERE to enjoy.

Modern Hungarian History
The Texan Bar - A meeting point with a flavour and deep underground.
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Essay - The Natural Chain -
What came first? Interesting thinking.Please click HERE to listen.

Essay - Hands - Some Grasping Ideas 

A True Real Life Story - Little Fanny Harris and Her Hundreds of Socks - A true story!
A short story for the very young!

Real Life Drama -Emily Clark Innocent Rescue - A young boy saved his twin sister's life - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

A Bus driver with a problem - Lucy ABEL  War time. An exam. A very long walk through the snow.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

A Life Changing StoryMarga Frank - Air Waves - A radio lady who sent kids to bed with smiles  on their faces!

An Unusual Christmas Otto HERALD and  Manfred POLLAK  Two high flying Captains
A Christmas flight into danger - Exciting -  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

A Shooting Occasion -  Willi Noelli - A life of shooting great pictures- Films and a trip to Beirut and meeting a leader! True drama from life.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Scouting for Life -  Wolfgang Rainer - An old boy scout with a castle for life and very much more. Interview with Nigel A. JAMES (Interview on Radio Orange)

A Moving Story from Life - After a very long Walk - Christian Rinder -  Arriving home after a very long war.  The sweetest of all!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

A Short Truth from Life  A Story with very long legs!   -Three Very High High Ranking Soldiers.   And all with very long legs. Vienna Life

Erika BERGER talks to Nigel A JAMES - Radio Orange Interview.  

Monday, 15 April 2019

Feeny Vee - A short story of art!

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